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@Artran (19.10.2017 13:38): To ano. Můj přístup se ale příliš neliší, ačkoliv mi je jen málo přes dvacet: pokud mám o nějakou hru velký zájem, raději ji dohraju ihned, místo abych si ji šetřil na důchod. Možnost, že zítra zemřu, nepouštím ze zřetele.
Historka z hotline Originu z r. 1993:

I got a call from an elderly gentleman today, he needed hints for U6. Then, and elderly woman got on the phone, and she needed a hint for U4. Then, a REALLY old guy, (He said he was 93!) got on the phone and wanted a hint for WC2, SO1. ("Them blasted Neutron Guns! Those damn Cats are getting awful Hi-Tech.") It turns out, this call was from a Retirement Center that had PC's with CD ROM drives in the Recreation/Education Area. They were passing the phone around, getting hints for our games. I talked to 8 of them, total. After I talked to Mr.James (or 93 yr old Wing Fan.) They put me on speaker phone. (They let the folks who were hard of hearing have the handsets first, then switched to speaker.) They kept saying things like, "Oh, I feel SO SILLY asking you this, but...." and "My mind must be going, I JUST DON"T GET THIS, what do I do next?" They were SO CUTE! This one older gal had a bad case of the giggles, when I told her she was being bad when she stole things from NPC's. She said, "Well, I just don't get the chance to BE BAD very often anymore!"

I really got the feeling that our games in some way contributed something to these people's lives. There's a therapist who works there who is what sounds like a pretty hardcore gamer, and "tech head", and he got them started on our games. But, he is on vacation, and they needed hints NOW! As Mr. James put it, "I dont know if I am going to BE HERE to finish this TOMMORROW, so please excuse me if I am a little impatient for help with this darn thing."

They also wanted me to tell EVERYONE who works here "Hello", and THANKS for giving them hours of fun! Because, as we all know.....

( I hope I feel the same way if I live to be 93.)

- Rebecca The Strange

To je prostě dojemné :-)