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Easter eggy

Monkey Island 2 LCR obsahuje narážky na Hvězdné války

"Guybrush, I´m your BROTHER!"[2] a "Guybrush... -glack- Come over here. I want to you... -gag- ...take my mask off -choke- ...see the TRUE face of your brother"[2]. To jsou fráze ze hry, které někomu mohou být dosti povědomé. Jde totiž o parodii na Star Wars, kdy Darth Vader sdělí Lukovi, že je jeho otec nebo chce aby mu Luke sundal masku, než zemře.
V tomto dílu lze najít opravdu mnoho narážek na Indiana Jonese, zde je výčet některých z nich:

Ve vetešnictví je v nabídce bič Indiana Jonese, ale nelze jej koupit

Na Scabb Islandu najdete kapitánku Kate Capsize, což je napodobenina Kate Capshaw, hlavní postavy z filmu Indiana Jones a chrám zkázy

V knihovně se nachází kniha "X Never Marks the Spot", napsal Indiana Jones

Když se Guybrush propašuje do LeChuckovi pevnosti, vyleze z krabice a pronese "Nesnáším hady!"[2], stejně jako Indiana Jones. Ve skutečnosti Guybrush nesnáší porcelán


Po skončení hry se opakuje tento text:

Ok, that’s it, turn off your computer and do something constructive.
Like play a little racquetball.
Or wash your car.
Or cook dinner.
Or join a funk band.
Or travel to a foreign country
Or run for president.
Or talk to a member of the opposite sex.
Or lube your car.
Or hose a weenie roast.
Or dig for buried treasure.
Or milk a cow.
Or have a yelling contest with your neighbor’s dog.
Or perform brain surgery.
Or paint a yellow line in the center of your driveway.
Or write your name in the snow.
Or teach basket weaving to clams.
Or sing Welsh folk songs at the bank.
Or plant trees on public property.
Or confuse the person next to you.
Or make a triangular table.
Or hop, skip, and jump.
Or ride a train.
Or organize your sock drawer alphabetically.
Or go bowling with you mom.
Or train potato bugs to do tricks.
Or make a quilt.
Or publish a magazine about pencil shavings.
Or eat lime jello with pineapple in it.
Or pave a freeway.
Or learn to draw.
Or take up photography.
Or learn to tell time.
Or photocopy money.
Or got out for pasta.
Or sew a dress.
Or bathe your iguana.
Or go fishing.
Or paint a stranger’s house in the middle of the night.
Or take up windsurfing.
Or change your hairstyle.
Or sharpen your whiteboard markers.
Or feed a toucan.
Or enjoy the sun.
Or do a crossword puzzle.
Or buy some cool clothes.
Or go to the beach.
Or play croquet with your dad.
Or water your plants.
Or build a dollhouse.
Or invite some friends over for salmon and white wine.
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